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It is never too late to be who you might have been.
George Eliot

Out of the Past *

“How can everything feel so familiar when I haven’t been here before...”

This is the dilemma facing Emma Tanner on a buying trip to Charleston, SC for her antiques store in Texas. Can the déjà vu feelings have anything to do with that new acquisition in the store back home and the strange vibes that came with it? And why does Emma have the uneasy feeling of being followed, yet when she looks over her shoulder, no one is there?

Emma and her business partner, Sharon, meet quite a cast of characters while in Charleston. During their visit, Emma is haunted by visions of a past that isn’t hers. Much to the chagrin of her partner, Mandy, Emma decides to remain behind in Charleston in order to get to the bottom of her experiences. Emma soon learns that each of her new friends can interpret bits and pieces of the visions for her, but one in particular offers more answers than the others. During her extended stay, the story of events that happened during the late 1880s unfold for Emma, events that force her to re-evaluate her own life in the here and now and her floundering relationship with Mandy.


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