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If you insist on disavowing that which is ugly about what you do, you will never learn from your mistakes.
Cassandra Clare

I worked with Glenda on a novel for publishing, and it was a very positive experience. She's extremely knowledgeable in her craft and open and willing to answer any and all questions. I highly recommend her for your writing project. I've worked with many editors in my writing career, having had ten novels published, and she's one of the best.
Kim Pritekel

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I worked with Glenda for eight months in 2013-2014. Nearly four years later, the mark she left on my writing is indelible. She did not tell me how to write, but led me to discover my own voice and then helped me make the sounds I heard in my heart ring on the page. Her coaching skills are comparable to any of the coaches, editors, and instructors I have worked with in my thirteen years of publishing and seeking to further develop my craft. The resources she pointed me toward still sit on my desk, while most of my books on writing have visited only briefly then migrated over to the bookcase. It isn't what she teaches, it is how and who. Who she is as a coach and a person is someone you have to experience for yourself. Ona Marae, Jan 27, 2017

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